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Client Testimonials

“Your session held particular fascination for me because it allowed me to think about what I do, how and why and then to see how that impacts the world around me.  I’m taking your suggestions to heart.  Hope we run into each other again sometime.  You’re wonderful!”
Director, Department of Defense—Emotional Intelligence training session

“I genuinely enjoyed your presentation style, delivery and materials.  Thank you for the information and tools provided.  You have a real gift and are making a difference.  Keep up the outstanding work.”
Director, DOD—Navy—Emotional Intelligence training session

“Thanks for sending the additional materials and recommendations.  Your presentation at our executive seminar was a highlight—both the content and delivery were superb. “
Director, U.S. Department of Justice—Emotional Intelligence training session

“Thank you so much for the positive feedback and ideas to jump start my road to an improved life.  And, thank you for all you did to keep the class on track, interesting and fun! “
Director, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers—Emotional Intelligence training session

“The workshop was highly interactive, entertaining, and engaged my office in exercises that assisted us in understanding the process of change and effective ways to deal with change.  Comments from the conference evaluations for this workshop included the following:  “outstanding—very timely”; “great—energetic”; “great presenter—good exercises”; “engaging”.  In short, Ms. Hovrud was very knowledgeable about the subject area and her presentation style engaged the group in lively exercises and discussion.”
Deputy, Department of Defense—Change training session

“Thank you for providing us insight about ourselves and how we can use this understanding to positively impact our workplace, as well as, our personal relationships.  Almost all of my conference after hour conversations at some point included a discussion of your session.  Thanks for providing an informative and entertaining session for us.”
Project Manager, Office of Personnel Management—Emotional Intelligence training session

“I just want to let you know that I enjoyed your session and folks all agreed that your session was the best one in the program.  I learned so much on this lecture and do appreciate your knowledge and your time in helping us recognize our strengths and weaknesses in our emotional intelligence.  I hope I have other opportunities to learn from you in the future.”
Director, Securities and Exchange Commission—Emotional Intelligence training session

“Ms. Hovrud’s services were instrumental in aiding our company performance goals by using MBTI for our team building and work dynamics rendering cohesive teams within our 5,000 employee organization. Jan’s approach to MBTI is dynamic and highly interactive.  Her unique delivery and her excellent facilitation skills made her classes a hot commodity within our class offerings, but more importantly it had an incredible impact on our participants as they retained and applied their newly found training into their daily roles.”
Human Resource Director, Customer Service Call Center—MBTI training session

“Jan’s teachings are consistently upbeat, motivating and inspirational.  Her presentation delivery is always professional and cutting edge.  She is always well prepared for her presentations.  I consider Jan to be one of the best presenters I have seen for the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), conflict management (using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument) and emotional intelligence (using the  EQ instrument).  Jan’s versatility extends to other areas such as facilitation, team building and coaching. Jan’s performance is always stellar.  Her participant evaluations are always excellent.”
J.B., U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“The training was wonderful.  It was not only beneficial but really exceeded our expectations.  This opinion is not only mine, but of many others who attended the workshop.  I really appreciated all of the experiences and knowledge that we learned in a very enthusiastic and professional way.  Jan was a very effective trainer.”
Michelle Guzman, Training Manager, Codetel—Communication Savvy training session

“Just wanted to thank you for your class yesterday.  As I told you, and everyone else agreed, you were able to balance just the right amount of being a dynamic speaker and providing real and nitty gritty information.  The class was lots of fun and yesterday was such an interesting day following the class.  There was a great deal of humor used in playing with the information.  It was all in fun and reinforcing what they had learned.  There was a lot of sharing and processing.  The class was a great reminder to everyone to work together and embrace differences.”
Diane Carter, Senior Manager—Support Services, Afni—MBTI training session