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Coaching Testimonials

“The EQ results coupled with the 360 feedback reinforced my gut feeling of where I am and where I want to go.  Jan’s coaching, punctuated by genuine interest in helping me interpret the results, and especially all the follow-up with suggested ways to develop and improve strengthened my motivation to work hard on my challenge areas.”
Director, U.S. Army

“This was (by far) the best coaching session I have had in my career.  Ms. Hovrud was very prepared and it was evident that she had studied my report and had already formulated very clear, concise and useful suggestions to help me take “the next step”.  She was enthusiastic, energetic and engaging.  It was a true pleasure to meet her and get an opportunity to learn from her experience.”
Director, USCIS

“When I entered the room, she was absolutely ready for me.  She had all of my assessment results in her folder well organized and prepared, even with highlights and circles on the analyzed papers.  She asked me some questions and carefully listened to all of my answers.  When I asked her questions, she answered them all very professionally.  She helped me analyze some challenges/situations that I had and provided me with positive feedback and advice.  She worked with me on improvement plans and introduced some professional leadership papers, as well as, books for further readings and reference.  With Ms. Hovrud, I felt I could share anything with her and trust her, both personally and professionally.  I felt that I had a personal coach, but also that I gained a professional friend.”
 Division Chief, NOAA Fisheries Services

“Thank you for all of your feedback and expertise with our Myers-Briggs session today.  You have a special gift of really making the person you are with at the time feel like the whole process is for them.  I gained great insight and reassurance about myself, and found that I was rejuvenated with a new and better outlook on life, career and relationships.”
Shane Monson, Team Leader, Telecommunications Company

“Ms. Hovrud was excellent!  She went beyond the report paper to put it into the context of my work and life.  She was articulate and engaging.  I had never done a 360 before, so had little grasp of it.  In just over and hour, I was given a thorough assessment of the scope and valve of the 360, but more importantly, how I could use it to identify and improve those skills I needed to develop.  I felt very fortunate to have Ms. Hovrud as my coach.”
Director,  U.S. Department of Homeland Security

“The MBTI session allowed me to have an outside in view of who I am.  For the first time that I can remember, I had an understanding of what most people see me as.”
John Ornella, Field Engineer, CallWare

“The Advanced MBTI helped me understand why I do the things I do when I am “in the zone”.  In a few short minutes, Jan was so very helpful explaining information and helping me see the bigger picture of MBTI.  She identified the strengths of all of the personality types that may be significantly different from mine and she gave me mental visuals in helping me better coach with those employees and peers.”
Cynthia Pergrem, Director of Development, Cardinal Center, Inc.