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Workshop Overview--Optimizing Communication Savvy

Image of four class participants solving a problem in a Communication Savvy class.The Optimizing Communication Savvy workshop focuses on providing both individual and team insight into constructive communication. This workshop offers insights into communication styles and maximizing personal drivers to improve performance.  It outlines specific competencies needed to connect in positive ways with others.  Participants learn that voice, empathy, word choice and listening skills contribute to the messages people send.  Activities in the Optimizing Communication Savvy workshop demonstrate why behavior is important for productive relationships, maintaining trust, and resolving conflict.

Participants will complete a self-assessment to discover their own communication style.  This assessment provides information on strengths, weaknesses and what makes people “tick”.  Once learned, participants extend this knowledge into reading the personality drivers of others and best ways to connect. The powerful simplicity of the Communication Model enables the participants to remember it easily and apply what is needed to improve interactions.

Communication savvy is further reinforced with discussion of topics such as listening, empathy, voice and responses to conflict.  The participants are engaged in individual and team activities including lecture, reflective discussion, brainstorming and debriefing.  Embedded video clips from popular television and movie scenes support the learning.  Ultimately, the participants see their role and responsibility in building constructive, beneficial relationships in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of the workshop, participants will: 

  • Identify and explore individual communication styles
  • Learn about how to best read and flex styles to meet the communication needs of others
  • Discover the importance of voice—tone, word choice and inflection
  • Use the power of listening and empathy to connect with others
  • Learn techniques to professionally respond to conflict

 Workshop Components

  • HRDQ What’s My Communication Style™ inventory
  • Session Workbook