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Workshop Overview--Mastering the Challenges of Conflict

Image of Jan Hovrud pointing to a poster of information in a Mastering the Challenges of Conflict class.Mastering the Challenges of Conflict focuses on building critical insights and skills for conflict resolution.  The course has been developed to increase self-understanding during conflict and then, use this information to maximize effectiveness (behaviorally) as a conflict manager.  The CDP® (Conflict Dynamics Profile) Model is introduced and explained.  Participants are provided with the components of the quadrant model—Active and Passive, Constructive and Destructive.  Key features are applied to real life through examples and video clips. Participants receive their own results of the CDP® and are encouraged to think of times when constructive and destructive behaviors lead conflict down the constructive or destructive path as shown in the model.  Coping mechanisms are boarded by the participants for the various workplace hot buttons.

Once participants are self-aware, conflict is looked at in a strategic way.  Participants focus on steps for mutual understanding and conflict resolution.  These steps involve clarifying perceptions, identifying needs, uncovering mutual benefits, developing stepping stones and gaining mutual agreement.  Role plays are used to demonstrate and show application for all of the concepts used in the course.  These role plays are specific to current client issues.  The course ends with participants creating action plans for how they will implement and change their current behaviors during conflict.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn to examine conflict from various perspectives.
  • Understand and control their personal responses to conflict.
  • Discover ways to resolve conflict using the CDP® Model.
  • Build skills and abilities for moving conflict toward positive resolution.

 Workshop Components

  • Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP®) Customized Report
  • CDP® Individual Development Guide,  by Mark H. Davis, Linda A. Kraus & Sal Capobianco
  • Session Workbook

Facilitator Certification