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"Geared for Success" Newsletter

Keep your leadership skills and knowledge sharp by subscribing to our quarterly newsletter called, “Geared for Success”.  The intent of the newsletter is to reinforce concepts that are critical to your career such as:  the ability to lead teams, move people through change, understand yourself and communicate effectively with others.

Here is what some of our subscribers have said:

“Jan, thank you so much for sharing this information—your timing is impeccable.  It is as though you are here in my office hearing and seeing the things I am dealing with daily and providing me with tools to increase my understanding of how to effectively deal with the issues.”
Director, IRS

“I just finished reading this newsletter and I have to thank you because not only do I find the articles germane, but the links to the other  sites, books and articles that I am now reading as well.  I wish you were here 15 years ago!”
Director, Social Security Administration

“Just wanted to send a quick note and let you know how much I enjoy the newsletters!  I use them as training aids with my staff and share them with my peers.”
Director, FEMA

“I really enjoy getting your newsletters. With your permission,  I would like to provide them to twenty of my senior managers.”
Director, DOJ