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Workshop Overview--I Can See Clearly Now

Image of six women on the floor posed with a construction blocks activity.The I Can See Clearly Now Workshop has been created to foster personal and team development through the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI™).  This workshop promotes the constructive use of differences between people to improve communication and teamwork.  It utilizes the MBTI Step II™ to highlight behavioral components necessary to develop high performing teams.

Participants are introduced to each of the four preference scales with interactive exercises that demonstrate strengths and patterns.  Opposite preferences are given tips and techniques for improving communication.  This process sets the foundation for being able to apply typology concepts. The MBTI Step II™ results are distributed and examined. Participants are asked to share and discuss type and team behaviors (i.e. strengths and challenges) given the preferences of the participants in the room on a type table.

 Dick Thompson’s Communication Wheel is used to visually demonstrate team relationships based on type. Participants are mapped on the wheel to examine possible conflict areas and best strategies for communication. Going deeper, participants, then learn about Carl Jung’s theory regarding out of balance ego compensation to explain reactions to stress and the inferior function.   The course wraps up with a brief, upbeat videotape that flashes words on the screen to celebrate type diversity and reinforce the MBTI™ concepts.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of the workshop, participants will:

  • Build an understanding of type preferences.
  • Validate individual type preferences.
  • Practice identifying type preferences in others.
  • Focus on ways to adapt communication styles to type concepts.

Workshop Components

  • MBTI Step II™ Interpretive Report
  • Session Workbook
  • Introduction to Type booklet, by Isabel Briggs Myers
  • Team Posters—Type Table and the Communication Wheel

Facilitator Certification