Training Werks

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Training Werks Approach

The foundation for every coaching session is trust.  As a coach, Jan Hovrud uses active listening, guiding questions and support to engage the client and build dialogue.  Together, in partnership, the client and Jan explore challenges and avenues for success, discover strengths and focus on areas of enrichment.  Through this disclosure process, the client is involved and committed to creating a strategy for change that will bring him/her to the next level of performance. Motivation to change requires follow-up actions by the coach and client (e.g. email correspondence, telephone conversations, etc.) that provide reinforcement, resources and future goals.

Training Werks provides feedback to clients with a number of instruments and assessments including the following:

  • Master Practitioner/Coach for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II™
  • Certified Facilitator/Coach for the EQ-i 2.0™
  • Certified Facilitator/Coach for the  EQ-i 2.0 360™
  • Certified Facilitator/Coach for the CDP® (Conflict Dynamics Profile)
  • Certified Facilitator/Coach for the Firo-B® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior) Instrument
  • Experienced Facilitator/Coach for the TKI® (Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument)
  • Experienced Coach for the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) Leadership 360 Instrument
  • Experienced Facilitator/Coach for the HRDQ What’s My Style™ Inventory