Training Werks

Geared for Your Success


Why Use Training Werks?

  1. Customized training focused on your organization’s needs
  2. Our training is designed for you and for the challenges your organization faces.  We listen carefully to the issues you need to have addressed.  We pay attention to the details.  And, most importantly, we seek and implement your feedback to create training that is perfect for your organization.

  3. Interactive, engaging training
  4. We deliver training that is lively, fun and gets participants to think.  Each session is filled with opportunities to learn strategies, methods and approaches that can be used every day.  We believe that involvement in learning translates into maximizing performance on the job.

  5. Expertise with assessments

    Training Werks offers a large number of assessments to be used in coaching and training settings.  We have worked with thousands of participants to enrich their personal awareness and understand their impact on others.  Our assessment knowledge is kept up-to-date through professional memberships and constant, continuous learning.

  6. Proven track record

    Since 1999, Training Werks has been partnering with clients to deliver top-notch training, personalized coaching, on target assessments, invigorating retreats and inspiring keynotes.  We work with clients of all sizes, in a myriad of industries around the country to ensure that learning happens and changes take place.

  7. Repeat business

    At Training Werks our clients are our partners.  We develop strong working relationships that are lasting—built on trust and an open, honest rapport.  Our customers return again and again to work with us.

  8. Immediate application of learning

    The goal of every event held by Training Werks is to inspire participants to use what they have just learned.  Our work focuses on reinforcing concepts that enable participants to contribute to their organization.

  9. New Options

    We offer constantly changing options for developing you and your team.  Ask us about new programs and concepts.  Our commitment is to find the best fit for your organization.

  10. Commitment to Excellence

    We strive to exceed your expectations and make a difference in your bottom line.